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Game Management

Bringing GMS Innovation to Auctions

Mike OwensWe hope this issue of DeerBytes finds everyone busy with pens full of healthy, happy fawns!

It's been a few months since our last DeerBytes went out, so we have a little catching up to do. Thanks to the continued feedback from our clients, we are excited to say we have been working diligently on the latest features which are due to be released at the Texas Deer Association convention in August. One of which will be another industry first!

We have now created a process that will automate the auction consignment form. That's right! With just a click of your mouse, you can create an auction consignment form for a specific animal, save it as a PDF file and email to TDA, NADEFA DBC or an auction in which you may have an animal. Don't have any animals in auctions? This tool can also be used for other sales and marketing efforts as well. Make sure you stop by our booth to see how it works.

Other features that you will see will be very helpful in identifying pedigrees that will help improve your breeding program. We have received invaluable feedback from some of the top deer breeders/farmers in the country and have incorporated many ideas and techniques that they currently use to determine what their breeding schemes will be in the upcoming years. These techniques have been proven to be very successful and have produced some of the industry's biggest and most prolific deer. We are excited to have received this feedback and are able to incorporate into our GMS PRO product.

The positive feedback and support that we receive from our clients continues to keep GMS as the forefront of the deer herd management software market. As technology continues to grow at an unthinkable rate, it is our goal to keep our products up-to-date with the latest innovations.

We live in a world where data is more and more accessible at the touch of a finger. Handheld devices have become the norm for accessing and controlling desired data, you name it, and you can get it in the palm of your hand within seconds. With that being said, GMS is currently developing a tool that will allow you to access your data via a handheld devices, such as a iPhone, iPad, Droid etc., and would like your feedback on what data points you would like to have access on you device — pedigrees, pictures, specific information etc. etc. If you are using GMS PRO you have already spent tons of time entering all of this data and no one wants to ‘reenter' data in other programs or extra forms. We feel having a tool with which you can sync will save you a lot of time and will make your operation even more efficient.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions at gamesolutions@sbcglobal.net

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Texas Deer Association Convention, August 7-9, 2014.

Mike Owens


GMS Tech Tips: XP's D-Day

Carolyn TuttleBy Carolyn Tuttle

April 8, 2014, is a landmark date, not because it's a week before your income taxes are due, but because Windows XP, one of the most dependable and popular Windows operating systems, would no longer be supported by Microsoft after that date. As of April 8, Microsoft would not issue any Windows security updates, the updates that come down through the Windows Update feature, the updates which protect your computer and data from external exploits that are increasing exponentially. Additionally, Microsoft will not issue any automatic fixes or online technical assistance.

You may be one of the many GMS customers who were affected by this move by Microsoft and may still be using Windows XP. As much as you hate to change and learn a new operating system, it is crucial that you take a giant step, swallow hard, and go buy a new computer with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Windows 7 is still available from Dell online configuration portal and may very well be available from other computer online companies. By continuing to use Windows XP, your data is not secure; it is vulnerable to hacking attempts. Additionally, when using Internet Explorer, your online activity is also exposed to any hacker who gains access into your computing environment.

Parties who exploit security vulnerabilities and gain access to personal data and online history are rapidly increasing and will continue to increase over time. Speaking from personal experience, it's difficult maintaining a secure computing environment using highly rated Internet security software and firewalls, but one indiscriminate click or assuming that a file downloaded from a friend who you would think would maintain a secure computing environment can make your technological life a nightmare. You see your data life flash before your eyes when you realize every single piece of data is scrambled, pictures, Word docs., Excel spreadsheets. Thank goodness for Carbonite backups!!!! I'm describing the reality of being the victim of the CryptoHacker virus: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/cryptorbit-ransomware-information

Continued use of Windows XP will certainly expose your computer to such an exploit.

Here are some links to lifecycle dates for Windows operating Systems, as well as Microsoft Office product lifecycles.

To additionally secure your computing environment, make sure you have a reputable and comprehensive Internet Security software in place, one that includes virus, spam, firewall protection, and subscribe to an online backup service such as Carbonite or Mozy which will protect your data in case of a security breach or hardware/software issue which renders your computer unusable.

OR....you could buy a MAC!

Safe computing and thank you for letting GMS make your deer business a success.

Carolyn Tuttle


Welcome the New GMS Tech Team

GMS is pleased to announce that Josh and Rhonda Drum of Jonda Ranch Consultants are now the GMS Tech Support Team.

Earlier this year, Josh and Rhonda were officially recognized as GMS Certified professionals and began providing specific GMS services to their customers, such as management services through GMS software, and providing data entry and set-up services for farms and ranches. For more information on Jonda Ranch Consultants, call 321.327.4216 or visit http://www.jondaranchconsultants.com


Rhonda and Chris Drum


CellGate & Wireless Traps

SecurityCell phones are a hunter's newest weapon in the battle to protect their ranches and leases against trespassing and feral hog damage.

"Ranches and hunting leases are big investments" said Noel Gouldin, President of CellGate and Wireless. "It just makes sense to protect that investment by preventing trespassing and managing the feral hog population to limit damage."

"The first line of defense for a landowner is the gate," Noel points out. "CellGate provides landowners the ability to assign individual codes to friends, contractors and employees, and know immediately when they enter." Cameras quickly identify users of lost, stolen or shared codes. These invaluable images can record every entry and exit.

"Demand has almost doubled over the last year," Noel reports. "Customers are surprised the high tech solutions work even on manual gates. The shocker is when they find out it can cost as little as $1,199 and $24.95 a month."

The ability to open a gate with your cell phone saves time, but getting a text message if a gate is left open can be extremely valuable. Pictures and time stamped access codes are stored on CellGate's secure server and may be texted and emailed immediately. If more detail is needed, short video clips may be downloaded at the camera.

Wildlife Management
When Noel's nephew asked "Uncle Noel, if you can control devices around the world including bank vaults in Nigeria, why can't you control a feral hog trap?" That day, Wireless Traps was born.

Mike Simmons owns a state licensed holding station in South Texas and never trapped, because it was not worth the effort to catch one or two hogs. This changed December 24, 2013 when he decided to give Wireless Traps a try. Mike's largest capture was 88 hogs, and he recently stated "I'm too busy to add them all up, but last count was over 560 hogs in less than four months." Mike's clients are thrilled to see deer instead of hogs at their feeders again.

"Customers have came to us wanting to sort deer and capture other targets such as cattle, exotics and even feral goats in Hawaii. With those systems in place, we now have trials underway to trap coyotes and raccoons. Who knows what will be next."

Noel said, "Technology in and of itself isn't beautiful, but its ability to spur creativity and solve problems is powerful. Our company harnesses that power to meet the ever-changing needs of landowners."


Upcoming GMS Events

August 7-9, 2014: Texas Deer Association Convention, San Antonio, Texas